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Jaguar I-Pace Review

Jaguar I-Pace Review

Jaguar I-Pace has created a new level in the Electric Vehicles industry and definitely on the stage with Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3.

Interior and Features

Jaguar I-Pace Review

Jaguar I-Pace is a sweet and guilt-free ride. Interiors look plush and gorgeous with leather detailing, which gives it one extra point against Tesla 3 and Tesla X ranges. Entry-level S models have faux leather electric-sports seats, whereas mid-level SE cars have these upgraded to real leather seats with enhanced memory and movement. Then, range-topping HSE models get the plushest leather pews and more movement than you could adjust a stick at. There are ample interior colour options, subject to extra cost on S and SE model. However it is a no-cost option if you pay the extra for an HSE trim cost. If you are willing to spice it up further, you can also add extra on ambient lighting and illuminated treadplates features.

Jaguar I-Pace Review

Jaguar I-Pace has 3 screens instead of 1 huge screen in its Tesla counterpart. The first one that is placed behind the steering wheel takes control of the analogue dials while the other two placed on the centre console control the car climate and are used for satellite navigation and media playback functions. There are two levels of Meridien sound system options, the entry-level 380-watt available on S and SE cars, and the 825-watt one on HSE models. Both sound incredible and are worth every dollar.

Engine and Specifications

Jaguar I-Pace Review

The S trim comes with one 294KW EV400 90KWH AUTO, L Electric, 400hp engine. For the SE trim the engine provided is L Electric 400hp. And lastly The HSE trim has an L Electric 400hp engine. The response is impressive and purrs smoothly.

Jaguar I-pace Pricing



S Trim


SE Trim


HSE Trim


Overall Review:

Jaguar I-Pace Review

“Jaguar has made an incredible entry in the German-dominated industry.”

The Jaguar I-pace range is at par if not better than the Tesla counterparts. The best part is its nature as a whole. It has the potential to be a sports car grade ride and also move like a city car, quiet on its wheels. It is faster than a sports car but with a taller build. The car is sized around 656 litres (Boot seats up) and 1,453 litres (Boot seats down).  It is a regular family car with heightened capabilities. The acceleration and the capacity to turn on sharp turns are impressive. The engine helps it accelerate from 0-60mph within a whopping 4.5 seconds. It easily has to be faster than a Porsche Cayman sports car! The first electric car from Jaguar looks like a small SUV. The car is of a similar size to its sibling, the F-Pace and bigger on the exterior than the E-Pace. To call the performance truly electrifying is the truest statement. But then again, if being practical, we know this is not the best option in India. Where can go zooming an expensive Electric vehicle in India, without risking accidents, damage to your car and also police intervention?

Jaguar I-Pace Review

“The Jaguar I-Pace is a regular family car with heightened capabilities.”

“Where can go zooming an expensive Electric vehicle in India, without risking accidents, damage to your car and also police intervention?” 

The I-Pace isn’t what you call a cheap car. Most of the masses would not be able to afford it. $35,000 Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, is one EV that is more affordable. It is a premium vehicle hence priced accordingly. That said, it is an electric car that you’ll actually want to call yours. It is one of those cars that have the oomph factor. And considering the Nissan Leaf first-gen or the G-Wiz, it is definitely more than worth it. Coming to the Indian market, it has to be one of the priciest cars! Also, most of India is not prepared to invest in a high-end Jaguar Electric vehicle.

Jaguar I-Pace Review

Yes, there are some evident range anxieties around this. Electric cars are a luxurious fad for most the masses today, despite the fact that it is feasible and very well-suited. The market for Electric vehicles in India is nascent today. The infrastructure is not at its best. Buying an electric vehicle can be tricky in India, hence. But right now, we are now in a learning zone before we enter a completely EV dominated era. However, once a man gets the taste of driving an I-Pace once, it is difficult to get back to driving your regular Maruti. The smooth acceleration and top league performance, does get pretty addictive.

With respect to existing infrastructure in European or American countries regarding charging, using a public 50KW fast-charger for around an hour is enough for a 170-mile range. A full charge takes around 13 hours from a regular 7KW wall charger. It is priced at roughly £14. A standard three-pin socket for a full charge will take longer time, in days if not hours. However, most of India does not have an up and running infrastructure to charge an electric vehicle.

Speed is never an issue for EV, it whether the ride is smooth due to the evident weight of the batteries. Surprisingly, the Jaguar I-Pace manages to be both fast and smooth to ride. Jaguar claims it can go up to 298 miles with one full charge. That’s much lesser than the Tesla counterparts but is quite enough for a daily commute.

Jaguar I-Pace Review

“The Jaguar I-Pace is a brilliant car, but a vehicle too ahead of its time in the Electric Vehicle market in India.”

Overall we would like to rate it 7 on 10. The shining positives are the luxurious car space and interiors, engine performance and definitely the ambitious build. The negative has to be the steep pricing options, mediocre infotainment features and most importantly for its market options in India. The Jaguar I-Pace is a brilliant car, but a vehicle too ahead of its time in the Electric Vehicle market in India.

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