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Rivian EV

The world’s shifting, and it’s changing at a faster pace every day. Hence there’s another new pick up truck that nods in affirmation. The Rivian R1T is stated to be the new Rover killer, having the power of a Corvette on-road and wrath of a Ram Rebel. The Rivian R1t has been delayed till 2021. Though it might be too soon for the Indian customers to buy a pick-up truck worth 800k of rupees, people are still hyped about the beast. The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross would be the most celebrated ram head in India but what kind of customers will the R1T attract? Obviously, rich and adventurous, which India is really running short. Why would people go for this super-futuristic all-electric, four motored, 750 horses running truck instead of a 16.5 lakh D-Max V-Cross which is cheaper than a Fortuner and has a longer length?

The Rivian was an underdog until it started pre-registrations for its R1T and the R1S. It was founded in  2009. It’s an all-electric company having its branches all over the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 2019 proved to be huge as Amazon declared leading an investment round of 700 million into Rivian and the company was a batteries and chassis manufacturer until 2020.

Rivian EV

The Rivian is one of the three trucks from the new sky-rocketing market of eco-tricks, the others being the Cyber Truck and the Hummer GMC EV SUT. Both of the cars were a super-hit and out of the box, though the revelation of the Cyber truck didn’t go as planned as it ends with a dude throwing steel balls breaking the windows and Musk mumbling ‘holy sh*t'! But of course, it was quoted as ‘Iconic. Brutal. Perfect' by rival designer François Leboine. As of the Hummer, the reveal is delayed due to the pandemic but let me tell you, the truck looks brutal and actually like a Dodge Demon. Though the specs have been released, the R1T and the GMC Hummer EV have been struck hard by the virus.

As mentioned, the specs have been released for all and both the R1T and the Hummer are starting from 70000 dollars making the Cybertruck the finer one. The Hummer is obviously the most powerful running 1000 horses under the hood and 11500 lbs. ft. of torque while the R1T and the Cybertruck has 750 and 762 with 829 lb. ft. and 824-pound ft. of torque respectively. The Cybertruck has a range of maximum 500 miles while the R1T can do a whopping 400 miles, GMC hasn’t released its range yet. Bed length for the Cybertruck would be a long 6.5 feet while Rivian's is the shortest among all the other competitors, GMC leaves no hint regarding its bed. How miraculous that the lame name ‘pick-up' trucks would be achieving speeds similar to a regular road-legal family sedan like the Volkswagen Jetta. Well, Cybertruck just did that by topping out in 130 mph while the others haven’t released test results yet. The Rivian would surely nail the battery pack with a maximum of 180-kilowatt hour in the list while the others are still quiet. People still get options of maximum four motors while the Cybertruck maxed out at three.

Yet the Cybertruck has managed a huge 2.5 lacs. of registration in India even after considering India to being a little closed about fancy toys. The Rivian launches next year with a boom and the market in India must already be psyched. So, of course, the Rivian might just get a little head start thanks to Tesla.

Rivian EV

With the unveiling of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, India is planning to make a major shift to electric vehicles by 2023. Maybe by the mid of the next decade, Rivian or tesla might become my old man’s new dream replacing the Bavarian star B.M.W. Did you know the electric components might take a dive in prices by a huge 30% by the year 2025? Bet you didn’t because otherwise, people would be pre-registering faster than ever. Yet expecting Indians to go for these (might seem irrationally priced to a majority of the population) pick up trucks is a long shot, until then we’re fine with our Mahindras and Isuzus. But of course, companies have started manufacturing electric pick-ups for the Indians which obviously meet the Indian pricing and is a great way of introducing us to the new eco-world while Tesla and Rivian make their way slowly through the crowd and under the limelight. People can go for electronics as their prices will fall down after the lockdown and hopefully the electric components will take a dive too, but till then, let’s stay at home as long as we can and stay safe!

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