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PORSCHE TAYCAN | Porsche Lands into Electric Vehicle Industry.


When we talk about Porsche Taycan so basically what comes in our mind is the new word Taycan which has just recently launched or rather introduced a week before.  Taycan" being Turkish word meaning "lively young horse" concerning the steed of the Stuttgart coat of arms on the Porsche crest. Porsche launched its first electric model, the Taycan sports car, in 2019. 


We are seeing the re-birth of electric cars in 2020, with upgraded on technology. It is likely to become a choice of customers to have one to use daily. Though the sell numbers could be less of the brand but the excitement will be high among citizens.



It has come with a mission to have the name of the very new car which no predecessor. Honestly, it is one of the very challenging projects and something hard to imagine. Porsche combines all the attributes of a sports car from Zuffenhausen, satisfying every expectation by its customer. It provides extremely beautiful virtues including 

  • Power
  • speed
  • Superiority in every measure

 What least can the world expect than the first purely electric Porsche, which made its debut in 2019. A dossier on the subject of electromobility. The biggest advantage of Porsche Taycan is the mission which it holds that is “mission E”.


Earlier, some people were worried that electric cars were going to be very boring, and then finally Porsche made the Taycan. It isn't a perfect creation yet expensive too, but it is not boring. In the coming years, it will be able to give competition to its very big competitor Tesla. As the Porsche Taycan Turbo S can get to 60 almost as fast as a Tesla and it can rip through a twisting canyon road at high speed as easily as cruising a beachfront boulevard.


Porsche Taycan can be one of the innovations which will lead to a drastic change in the automobile industry. As the world is suffering from a pandemic named COVID19 which calls for lockdowns as a consequence of lockdown, we have seen that if we do not use more petrol, diesel, and CNG vehicles we are more likely to have a cleaner environment.

This would give an extra edge in more consumption of electric cars and vehicles providing us a new way of living with a slogan “cleaner greener earth” which would automatically be healthy for everyone.

Porsche Taycan came up with extra edge providing greater environmental protection, to the new markets.


Less dependence on fossil fuel with mobility and automobile manufacturing, in particular, are being remained. It is becoming one of the future shaping topics of the industry worldwide because of its ongoing development of electromobility. Taycan is the solution to environment-friendly mobility.

For Porsche “electric” is its future. The company desires to switch to electromobility before the German auto manufacturers do. Their aim is by, 2025 every second Porsche which is to be sold should contain an electric drive unit.


Taycan has also faced some of the challenges as electrification in the field of car making is driven in equal measures by the regulations in areas of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide as well as urbanization. Since 2007 people are more likely to migrate to urban cities than rural ones. Megacities which include Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, etc. provide us a basic glimpse of advancing urbanization. The main task for Porsche is to play a role in shaping these changes- with a sporty vehicle, have a unique proposition as well as design.

Another challenge that arises for Porsche is how would they create a quirky vehicle that can set new standards in terms of performance and efficiency as well as day to day usability?


With the introduction of Taycan, it is doing a great job by generating 1,200 new jobs for the people in Zuffenhausen. “The Taycan has become one of the biggest job creators in the history of Porsche.  


Another initiative provided by the Porsche Taycan is that they will be providing large scale training to take place in a specially created production hall built on training center premises in Zuffenhausen. A digital learning platform is offered which contains about 1400 or more training units related to the issue of digital transformation which allows every user to read and study independently according to their needs. For the people who join Porsche on its journey into the electric and digital era.

Porsche Taycan was  also  awarded as World Car of the Year Awards 2020 (WCOTY).which is a great victory for the organization.

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