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Ora R1 | World's Cheapest Electric Car

Ora R1

China origin carmaker Great Wall Motors (GWM) is launching what is being promoted as the world’s cheapest electric car in India.

New technology never comes inexpensive, and nothing more so in the world of electric vehicles, but the credit for this car goes to the batteries, cheers to the amount of batteries.

But with the validation from Chinese auto giant Great Wall Motors that it will enter the Indian bazaar and be present at the country’s future Auto Expo, comes news that it may be forecasting to present the 4-door Ora R1 with 351km range and a 35kWh battery.

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors is usual to present its widespread electric car, the Ora R1, in India at the approaching Auto Expo 2020.

The emission-free car is being flaunted as the world's inexpensive electric vehicle, having a preliminary price label of just approx. Rs. 6.2 lakh.

Particularly, in India, the regular cost of electric cars is around Rs. 13 lakhs.



Ora R1


Great Wall Motors validation comes after Morris Garages’ positive launch of its feature-rich MG Hector in India. Great Wall Motors is observing for an appropriate location to set up its industrial unit in India. The Chinese auto major will display case products from its brand Haval at the future Auto Expo 2020.


With the appearances of a toy car and a four-seater cabin, the Ora R1 aims to be the flawless electric car for a small family. It proposes a supreme driving range of 351km on a sole charge with a 35kW motor driving the wheels. In comparison, the average range of electric cars obtainable in India is just 270km.

The marketplace for electric vehicles, particularly cars, is slowly but progressively growing in India. Ended the past few months, we have seen new applicants like the Hyundai Kona, Tata Nexon EV, and MG ZS EV that will confidently rival in contradiction of the Ora R1.

Though, R1's obtainable price (after obligations) and the company's structure related to free charging stations will be vital for customers.

According to intelligences, Great Wall Motors will also cabinet some cars from its effective Haval brand at the approaching Auto Expo 2020.

The automaker is probable to bid three Haval SUVs, specifically the H4, H6, and H9. Additionally, alongside the Ora R1, we might also see a pair of electric cars from fellow brand Wey as well.

The ORA R1 electricity car actions 3.49m in length, which makes it briefer than the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. It arises crowded with a 33kWh battery (28.5kWh in the base model) and an electric motor that generates around 48PS of control and 125Nm of rotation. The entry-level car has a restricted top speed of 102kmph.

Let’s See Inside 

Ora R1

The entry-level city car is appealed to have an electric range of 350km, which is developed than the Tata Nexon EV. In fact, the entry-level prototypical bids a range of 310kms. In addition to it, the battery can be charged up to 80 percent by means of a fast charger in 40 minutes.

The ORA R1 comes with cordless heating and brake energy convalescence. Inside the cabin, the electricity car structures a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment scheme with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with the voice command support. The base prototypical comes with structures like dual airbags, ABS, opposite camera and parking sensors, tyre pressure nursing and hill start assist.

The pure electric car comes with automatically adjustable outside rear view mirrors, 4 talkers, multi-functional steering wheel and Bluetooth telephony. In fact, the range-topping ‘Deity Edition’ comes with independent alternative braking and six airbags.


Custom Info

Talking about the Haval, it is an SUV-focused variety and the business is likely to bring the H4 to the Indian marketplace, that will assist as the mid-SUV competing in contradiction of the likes of MG Hector and Tata Harrier. In China, Haval’s range comprises products like H2, H4, H6, and H9. As per reports, Great Wall Motors is watching to safe a manufacturing site in Talegaon.

Maharashtra by the additional semi of 2020. The company also has two more brands, Wey and Great Wall Pick-up. These two brands are doubtful to enter India.

As the global locomotive industry makes a looming shift away from old-style fossil-fuel-powered automobiles towards a cleaner and maintainable options, global automakers and their marketplaces are likely to adapt quickly. Keep the range nervousness aside, and another giant hurdle for electric vehicles to decorate is the cost of the vehicles. Seeing that a popular of the chief auto markets in the world are emerging countries, price plays a huge part among the price-sensitive customers.

Similar to the rest of the world, India is also receiving to make the change to electric vehicles (EVs). While not all EVs may charge you up, there are some that can luckily get your motor profitable. These exciting cars are available overseas.


Our Review

Ora R1

The Indian automobile manufacturing is making an imminent shift away from internal burning engine (ICE) to electric vehicles. The Great Wall Motors, has currently announced its appearance in India with its Haval and ORA brands. The Great Wall Motors will cabinet both of its brands at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020. There are many reasons, here's our list:

  • ·      Ora R1 electric car gives an all-out mileage of 351 km through its 35-kilowatt motorized on a single charge.
  • ·      Ora R1 will also come armed with non-natural intellect feature along with connectivity feature.
  • ·      The holder can awaken up the car by the proverb, "Hello, Ora"
  • ·      The top swiftness the car will be about 100 kmph.

·      The company will deliver free repairing for three years or 1.20 lakh kilometers and eight years or 1.50 lakh kilometers.

·      The predictable price of the car in India will be at $8,680 to $11,293 which interprets to 6.23 lakh to 8 lakh.

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