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Fiat 500e | Electric Hatchback Review

Electrical Vehicles have been considered one of the best discoveries in the technological discoveries. The Electric Vehicle operates on an electric motor rather than working on an internal combustion engine which generates power through burning the burning mix of fuel and other gases. In this article, you are going to know about one such Electrical Vehicle that is FIAT 500e.


Fiat 500e

The FIAT 500e is small in size with zippy handling and has an EPA estimated range of 84 miles. It needs a charging time of approximately 4 hours and EPA City Rating 121 MPGE


Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

The interior of the car is very comfortable, stylish, and convenient. It has standard heated leatherette seats with distinctive headrests and an easy entry pull is also there in the car. Not only in this. It also has a sunroof which can tilt from rear to ventilation.


The FIAT 500e has an abundance of cutting edge technology which goes as follows:-

  • Charge Indicators
  • Uconnect 3
  • Uconnect Access App
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Driver Information Digital Cluster Display
  • Front Facing Camera Monitor


Fiat 500e
The FIAT 500e is efficient in its Performance as well it can be proven in the following aspects:

Electric Powertrain

This car is 100% electric and mainly consists of three components-
  • High Power Electric Drive Motor
  • High Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Power Inventor Module

Electric Drive Motor

The FIAT 500e is just an 83kWh electric drive motor which delivers up to 111 horsepower. This motor is just a device that uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy.


It has a single-speed transmission which is unlike any other traditional transmission. This gearbox transmission directs the output transmission from the electric drive motor and provides calibrated gear reduction.


Fiat 500e

This Electric Vehicle offers a full form of protection. These include:

Electronic Stability Control

This device compares the steering input to that direction where your car is actually traveling.

Hill Start Assist

This device helps you to maintain the break pressure just for a short duration between the time you release the brake and step on the accelerator.

Seven Airbags

The FIAT 500e comes with 7 Airbags to protect your life. Positioning of these seven Airbags are as follows:

  1. Full-Length Side Curtain Airbags

  2. Drivers Knee Airbag

  3. Front Passenger Airbag

  4. Advanced Multi-Stage Driver Airbags

Warranty Period

The Electric Vehicle features on the FIAT 500e are covered by a special 4 Year/ 50,000 miles warranty.


So, the information mentioned above tells us how well designed The FIAT 500e looks and how its customers are going to enjoy riding it.


Are the customers really satisfied with this so-called Top Notch car?

There are some customers who think that this car is really good but there are also customers who feel that this Electric Vehicle in India can still be improved in many ways.

Many customers think that this car is too costly and a luxury car can be afforded at this price. This is because the starting price of this car in India is approximately 30 Lakhs.

This Electric Vehicle in India is not something that middle-class people or most people can afford. Apart from this, the people have complained about the car’s Battery life. This car doesn’t have a long Battery life as it works 80 Miles per Charge, which is not a long life for a car battery.

If we compare this Electric Vehicle in India with the BMWi3 (which is also an electric car), driving it the way as FIAT 500e will prove that the BMWi3 subsequently uses less miles to cover the same distance.

There is yet another problem with this car and that is if you exceed the car speed at 50mph, the battery charge diminishes surprisingly fast to such a point that you would think you might not be able to make it to your destination. In the city areas the car works alright and has regenerative braking so that it can help in recharge but when you take it to the highway area, the motor start eating the battery power super fast.

In short in this review about FIAT 500E I believe that the car is designed beautifully with an awesome body and sporty alloy wheels. But I think that this car is something that the elite buyers will avoid and would prefer taking a Luxury car in its place. There is also the fact that this car is extremely dangerous due to its not satisfying Battery System or Battery Life and cannot be taken out for a long run

The FIAT 500E can attract the people who are thinking of buying the Mini Cooper S. As the cars have a bit of similarities and the FIAT 500e is actually cheaper than the Mini Cooper S.

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