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Canoo EV | Concept EV Pod

2015-2025 is going to be an exciting era for the automobile industry as the electric vehicles segment is attracting several potential entrants. Giant automobile manufacturers are already making huge investments to capitalize growth of electric vehicles. In 2015 ford announced a 4.5 billion investment in EV technology with 13 new electric models to be added by 2020.

300 million with ride-sharing company Ola to build electric vehicles and related infrastructure, apart from developing fleet and mobility solutions.

Canoo Electric Pod

Canoo Electric Pod

The point being electric vehicles are the future. One such company is canoo. Based in California, this electric vehicle is designed by the bloke ( Richard Kim ) who also helped design BMW i3 and i8.

The company is located in Los Angeles – a city of angels . with Los Angeles being a megacity and vast diversity at every thought the company says there’s no better place to take this challenge from.

The name canoo as the CEO Ulrich Kranz describes it has a connotation of moving effortless, like flowing down a stream in a boat

Canoo Electric Pod

Canoo Electric Pod

Canoo Electric Pod

The company’s motto is to keep it simple, be bold, and people first. its mission is to bring together curious and driven minds from the automotive, high tech, design industries, and beyond.

Canoo’s initial body is a sleek space pod that winks cues from 1960s VW minivans also in which the batteries are housed with the wheels at the corners. when I tried to guess what the rumored Apple car might look like I thought it ll be a sleek minivan with both its ends looking alike and could carry club within and could go in any direction Well, here’s canoo with that very bi-directional ambiguity.

Powered by one electric motor and an 80kWh battery which it claims is good for 313lb ft of torque,300bhp,250 miles of range, and a top speed of 125mph. Its a level-3 charging EV model i.e., the DC fast charging allows it to be all ready for the grind in 28mins.

Canoo promises to abolish any mechanical connection between the steering wheel and wheels. While the driving components are built into cars, riders use their own phone to control things that don’t simultaneously move the vehicle, such as navigation, music, etc.

Canoo feels like a luxury SUV on the inside but has the exterior outlook of a compact car. It has room for 7 people if a full-blown surfboard isn't taking up space. The major idea is that electric cars don’t have to look like traditional cars the seating is designed to feel like congenial furniture. Justifying that the back seat looks like a night club couch while the front seats take inspiration from restful mid-century chairs.

Canoo Electric Pod

Canoo attempt to introduce car-subscription alongside car-buying and car-leasing. The business model is very simple: you pan initiation fee and then an all-encompassing monthly subscription, which may include registration, maintenance, insurance management, and charging from a single app. And you can cancel it at any time. This could cost around 900USD per month.

Canoo has teamed up with the South Korean automotive giant: Hyundai in a futuristic engineering partnership to develop electric vehicles. Canoo aims to launch its first electric vehicle in 2021.

With this new revolution of electric vehicles, there is an aspiration for constant metamorphosis in the electric car industry requiring a need for more infrastructure to full fill the consumer demand. Pretty soon, seeing an electric car on the road will become as common as driving past a traffic light. In looking at the numbers, they don’t lie as we start gearing up for the beginning of new age in the automobile industry.

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