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Will India be able to go fully electric in the automotive sector by 2030? | FUEL-LESS TRANSPORTATION BY 2030 POSSIBLE IN INDIA

The birth of machines initiated industrialization globally changing the scenario of the world that naturally paced up the advancement in technology.“Necessity is the mother of invention” while, “Invention is the necessity to work effortlessly, efficiently, etc.” Industrialization brought huge demands into various fields and transportation is one of the necessary factors for its existence. Automobiles thus became a key source of transportation for numerous purposes to mankind.

India's Air pollution issue

India a hub to a huge population has a high rate of air pollution since almost 100 % of this huge number contributes to it by using fuel-based automobiles. Adopting electric vehicles in India as a source of greener and renewable energy will not only result in the protecting armor of atmosphere “Ozone” but, also conserve the fuels for the next generations. It’s definitely challenging revolution to use electric vehicles in the span of 10 years but possible if the automobile companies outrun the market smartly making vehicles available at a comparatively cheaper rate which seems to appear as a blue moon.

The Hurdles we need to overcome

It appears to be 1 % possible while 99% almost impossible for India to go with electric vehicles as it has the negative sides that almost make it out ruling the automotive that survive on petrol and diesel since the price is extremely high as compared to the fuel-based. Sales of the electric vehicles in India will be negligible as the majority of the population lies in the middle-class and poor categories that create a financial barrier. Power stations have to be set up after every 100 to 150 km to charge the battery. The most concerning situation arise during emergency because once the vehicle runs out of power it requires more than 30 minutes or more as per the requirement of the vehicle that may develop major loss of time, life, money, etc. There are many villages yet to receive electricity despite living in this developing era of the 21st century. So its utmost necessary to provide electricity to every region ignoring all topographic barriers in various regions falling under the crisis of no electricity before the nation starts using electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles in India manufactured into this automotive sector especially will face various issues as per the climate changes. Issues emerge such as waterlogging on roads in the monsoon that damages the PCB and other circuits that enact as the flesh of this lifeless body. While the heating summers would affect the battery due to the high temperature that drains the battery or may damage it. Maintenance and servicing of vehicles become too expensive in such problems as per the environment. Despite several confronting issues regarding India to go fuel less can be managed by the vital actions of Government creating awareness towards people to buy them and make various plans to enhance the use of an electric vehicle in India that would increase the number of electric automobiles running on the road.

India is a developing nation in terms of technology thus manufacturing electric automotive for such a huge population depicts to be a bitter pit to swallow. Apart from the manufacturing of vehicles the safety of the human is more worthy and has to be promised to keep in mind all the possible outcomes leading to loss of life and property. Greater the improvement in technology the machines will turn to work more efficiently as compared to the present situation that might increase the probability of adopting such electric vehicles. When the nation begins to use electric vehicles then this would decrease fuel purchase which may slowly rise to an increase in the use of tax tariffs.  The use of electric vehicles demands for greater electricity thus there has to be an alternative source to produce electricity fulfilling the necessity of the power to these vehicles.

Any system into this universe depends on one another for its unforeseen natural cycle to continue. But these cycles do develop a number of chains, so changes like India going green with electric automotive definitely disturbs the chain functioning and nature would consume time to recreate the balance, which eventually appears more than a decade. Into this era of technology at present it seems almost impossible but this mere probability that is unpredictable and can change one’s stars, leading to developing an ideal situation for electric vehicles to run as common as the fuel depending on vehicles, which would slowly vanish them. Due to scarcity of the fossil fuels and the need to decrease pollution India has already adopted the use of electric buses and other modes unto some extent where possible, but it is impossible in a decade for it to reach to common people.

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