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Volkswagen ID Buzz | Electric Camping Van

Era of Electric vehicles

The world realized the fact that using vehicles running from petrol, diesels, gas will soon lead to depletion of these resources. The need is to search for alternatives and substitutes for running vehicles. And the best alternative world could find is E-Vehicles (electric vehicles).

If you talk about a country like India, electric vehicles are need of an hour. An average income earning person has at least 1 vehicle whereas a rich person collection of vehicles cannot be imagined. The roads are full of vehicles causing traffic jams and pollution.

ID Buzz

Electric vehicles in India will benefit them with reduction in pollution level of the country.
Now E vehicles have evolved a lot. Many companies design the vehicles in such forms that are attractive, comforting, and work with your voice command. Isn't it interesting that a vehicle can be operated on your fingertips and provides you with lots of luxuries? Volkswagen came up with Modular Electric Drive Kit to encourage electric driving and the use of advanced technology.

Many companies have launched electric vehicles varying from different features they offer. Electric rickshaws, cars, bikes have become common nowadays.
But Volkswagen introduced an Electric camping van.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

It is most comfortable vehicle introduced by Volkswagen with a capacity of a maximum of 6 seats. It is spacious and gives you the feeling of home. You can talk; sleep, play, watch movies, read books, and can do a lot more.

This vehicle was shown at firstly in North American Auto Show in Detroit in 2017, then in Geneva in March.

Interior of the ID Buzz

 It is a fully automatic van, though it can be driven manually too with a range of 600km.  It has a fold-away steering wheel, pop up laser scanners, heads up display, futuristic cabin of sleek cardboard making everything suitable for the people operating it.

The company has planned to sell the production from 2022 for the United States, Europe, and China. It is regarded as a house on wheels as earlier stated it gives you comfort like a home. This vehicle is very innovative and advanced technology is used.

The light strip surrounding the vehicle and hexagonal shaped LED lights shaped like an eye gives it a unique look and makes it attractive and modern. It provides with all-wheel drive and all the batteries are fixed on its floor with 111kWh MEB chassis provide with 300 miles of estimated range. What makes it more attractive is its fast charging feature where it can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes at 150kW.It has lots of space which enables users to carry luggage too with them to their road trips or journeys, and it also has a front trunk like Volkswagen beetle.  It is fully automated with the “I.D. Pilot” mode.

 It has wide rectangular windows giving a clear view to insiders, a windshield sunshade, and a rear side air vents.

Charging the ID Buzz

Let’s move towards to AI features it provides you as you’ll be amazed. As you know it is fully electric with batteries at its floor and two motors at its front with the capacity of going up to the range of 270 miles. It has a sophisticated sensor system. It also consists of 10 laser scanners and it works with a vision of 0 accident-free driving. It identifies danger and moves accordingly.  Its voice control feature is superb which allows the people to operate it on their command like if they want food they can just say they are hungry. It will show all the options of restaurants and cafĂ© in the way.

Its wireless battery charging option allows users to not carry long wires with them every time.  Isn’t it convenient?  It also parks it with full care of the spots made for parking only. I already told you, the company has shown what real innovation is through this vehicle.  It is fully connected to a personal lifestyle of a person. It connects you to a unique lifestyle in this digital world. With wheelbase: 3300mm, length : 4942mm, width: 1976mm and height: 1963mm its bright color, utility and shape makes it look reliable.

These advanced and commendable approach added to electric vehicles by Volkswagen will surely make remarkable history once it comes up in the market. This kind of vehicle which is eco friendly and so comfortable attracts buyers and will solve many problems for people.

Hence concluding that if such kind of electric vehicles in India are introduced will benefit the people and government too, who are always concerned with the efficient use of resources. It will create no pollution and such kind of vehicles can be used in various fields like health and education.  Not only as a luxury van, but it can also be utilized in many other ways.   

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