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Lucid Air | Review

Before bringing in the extreme possibilities of the beasts of Lucid Motors into the picture let us first understand what are Electric Vehicles and the change they have brought in the country’s economy.

An electric vehicle is one that works on an electric engine, rather than an ignition motor that produces power by consuming a blend of fuel and gases. In spite of the fact that the idea of electric vehicles has been around for quite a while, it has attracted a lot of curiosity in the previous decade mainly due to the effects of rising carbon compounds and other ecological effects. the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) brought in funds that prove to be a motivating force for makers for electric vehicles sold in India.

Lucid Air

It was In 2013, that the nation uncovered the 'National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020' to make a significant move to electric vehicles and to address the issues of national vitality security, vehicle contamination and development of residential assembling abilities. In spite of the fact that the plan was to offer endowments and make supporting foundation for e-vehicles, the arrangement stayed on papers. While introducing the Union Budget for 2015-16 in Parliament, at that point fund serve Arun Jaitley reported quicker appropriation and assembling of electric vehicles (FAME), with an underlying expense of Rs 75 crore. In 2019, another plan was considered by the Union Cabinet under the FAME-II plot to empower a quicker adoption of electric and crossbreed vehicles by offering forthright motivators on purchase of electric vehicles and furthermore by setting up important charging foundation for Electric Vehicles in India.


Lucid Motors is a reputed name amongst the electric vehicles of India. Company has members of the original research team with irreplaceable know-how and they have already applied what they learned.

With a significantly good battery technology, electric motors, and, of course, the company’s effective employees Lucid Motors has intense expertise along with the credentials, experience and knowledge altogether that they got from Tesla. The company is focusing on powertrain, aerodynamics and autonomous driving. Last year, Lucid raised more than $1 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia, which helped them to get back on track since they saw a recession previously. 

Lucid Motors got their work done well, gained from the best, took as much time as necessary, lastly are turning up unexpectedly with a blast. They improved the Model S and the Roadster and now, how they present their vision of things will be significant.


Three years down the line, the company announced the release of its luxury all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air. Lucid Motors Air is a unique car in many aspects. For instance, the team has an experience of about 15 years in battery pack designing. Its founders have helped to write the books on batteries, battery management, and the electric drivetrain that comprises of the early pioneering work done at Tesla. The start-up company may not have given a very good first impression but now they’re delivering an impressive car which has a stunning and wild performance.


It delivers on its performance luxury promise beyond expectations.

The Lucid Air is the fate of extravagance anyway. By making a historic innovation, the company marked its name on the pillars of electric vehicles in India once again. Lucid Air rises to give a jaw-dropping performance and rises above the limits of space, energy, and time. Designed from the inside to outside, it is meticulously sculpted and etched to expand inside space. Below the glass that seems just ordinary, the ultra-spacious lodge provides an unrivalled sensory experience. The engineers behind the invention of this beast have taken care that the customers experience adrenaline with luxury. The top priority of the creators is to provide a unique experience. 


The powertrain technology bounds to the use of global range and efficiency. The company delivers the ultimate EV driving experience. They’ve a proven world-class battery technology and power electronics which can continue over 400 miles of range (EPA estimate). This enables consumers not to fear about how long the car can move and be stress-free to go wherever the journey goes. It also hits up top speeds really fast - all credits to its aligned air springs, exposed damper innovation, and low centre of gravity deliver a carefree ride.


Lucid Air

This perfect stunning innovation makes you feel that every experience is pleasantly private and it cherishes it by allowing an on-board assistant to track usage and analyses the pattern to incorporate it consistently with your fast life. Everything is tuned just as you would prefer, from signalling up your preferred music to set the ideal temperature for you just as how you would like it.

It promotes a distraction‑free driving, by enabling all the seaters to control key vehicle features with what you say.

It has more features I could not lay emphasis on due to the word limit, so would like to conclude by saying that Lucid Air becomes a natural extension of your connected lifestyle even before you know. The time is your people. You should really have an experience in the Air.

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