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Is India ready for the electric car revolution.

Electric cars in India is going to be a breakthrough in Indian Automobile Sector. With this dynamic advancement in technology, the downfall of the automobile field will be surely stopped. Many luxury companies are focusing on E-mobility, they are investing their time and money in this field. The government of India and the industrial sector are also supporting research and development of Electric cars. These Electric cars will be a little more expensive in comparison to the gasoline and diesel engine cars but still, they will be more reliable. Gasoline and diesel cars have many moving parts like piston and cylinder, belts, rings which are always in motion and thus fails after some time. They require proper servicing and maintenance, from time to time repairing. EVs are battery-driven and heavyweight batteries requiring time to time charging with limited power supply is an area of concern. We can have the facility of changing batteries at different points in the future like petrol pumps today and some good charging facilities. Analysis of all these possible things which could be an option is being done, we will be having some good results in the near future. EVs will be having motors with high torque and thus batteries will be delivering a supply of 100-120 volts. Everyone knows that voltage above 60 is dangerous for human beings. So in case of some sort of circuit, there can be challenges. Lithium-ion battery which is to be used in Electric cars will be driving it for around 150 km in general. The government is committed to helping the industry which is a very good thing. Rapid progress is seen in this field of automobiles. Gasoline and diesel engines have many disadvantages, they release CO2 and CO which is harmful for the environment as well as health. These fuels are not evergreen and have certain limitations.  

The biggest advantage of electric vehicles is that they are eco-friendly with a negligible impact on the environment. We have to shift to electric cars and other Electric vehicles because if we keep on exploring fossil fuels the way we are doing nowadays certainly in nearby future they will get exhausted. Fossil fuels are more costly and getting costly day by day whereas electric vehicles are cheaper to run. They are ultra silent and thus helpful in reducing noise pollution also. Many automobile companies have started production of electric cars but there are some improvement still needed to be done. Hybrid cars are also an option but they will be more costly and experience as they will be having both types of engines internal combustion engine as well as the electric engine.

These Electric cars are under trial in many developed nations like America and Japan. India as a developing country, is always ready to accept all new technologies in the market. Indian is a country secondly populated so here we have a big market. Many foreign industries in collaboration with India have established there industries in India. Electric cars are going to be a big task for researchers and scientists. They are investing a lot of effort in order to remove all possible bugs in electric vehicles. 

Electric vehicles are very good except for some problems like:-

1.      They require a huge capital investment in the beginning.

2.      Limited distance can be travelled in one time charging.

3.      Huge investment while replacing lithium-ion battery.

4.      Chances of blast and burn in some casualties.

5.     Challenge while driving EVs as it will be dangerous as in can give sock in short circuit.

6.      In the rainy season in a country like India electric cars are more vulnerable to explode or burn out.

But despite of all these bugs we are having positive hope that the future will be of Electric vehicles. The scientists and government are putting it’s all efforts to make things happen as soon as possible but due to the pandemic covid19, everything got stopped and hence cannot say how long it will take. But earlier it was supposed that by 2025 we will be having 50% EVs and by 2030 only Electric cars will be there in the market with no internal combustion engine. These cars will become a symbol of social status for rich people as it is much experience.

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