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How Tata Motors has established itself as leader in the electric vehicle industry


A subsidiary of the Tata Group, Tata Motors Limited (formerly TELCO) began its journey in the automotive world as a locomotive manufacturer back in the year 1945, nine years after which the automaker stepped into the commercial domain, rolling out its very first commercial vehicle, manufactured in coordination with German auto-giant Daimler-Benz AG, in 1954. Although this joint venture of Tata with Daimler-Benz came to an end in 1969 Tata's dominance over the commercial vehicle market didn't. After working seamlessly for more than two decades for establishing an unbreachable stronghold over the commercial automobile segment, Tata India went on to try a hand at manufacturing passenger vehicles in 1991.

The maiden venture that Tata Motors made within the field of passenger cars proved to be a serious milestone within the history of not only the manufacturer but also of the entire Indian auto industry as a whole. And that is because the very first Tata car, which was named as Tata Sierra, arrived as not only the first Sports Utility Vehicle of India but was, in fact, the first automobile ever to be designed and built in India. Not only this, but the Sierra was also the country's first diesel vehicle to be used as a personal ride, and it introduced several design features that were never seen before by Indian buyers in their cars, some of which were adjustable steering, power windows, power steering, and tachometer.Over the decade that followed, several vehicles belonging to various car segments were launched bearing the Tata badge in India, one of the most notable of which was Tata Safari - the car that is still going strong in the SUV market and is nothing short of a nightmare for the sales performances of its rival clans.

Tata electric car

The same year, 1998, that saw the launch of the Safari also got to witness the unveiling of Tata Indica, which was the first passenger car to be fully indigenously made in India. Thanks to a brilliantly engineered power mill, which, despite churning out remarkably high power figures, promised an impressive mileage return, sitting under its hood, the Indica was widely accepted by the Indian masses. And the generation that came next, the Indica V2, which was launched later with much-improved features and fitment turned out to be a runaway success in India as well as South Africa.

Today, Tata Motors is a number of the foremost trusted offerings of the Indian auto-market while the brand itself ranks amongst the highest four auto-marques, along with side Maruti, Mahindra, and Chevrolet, in the country. With its production base spread across the cities of Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Pune (Maharashtra), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), Dharwad (Karnataka) and Sanand (Gujarat) and its R&D centres located in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Dharwad, Tata Motors, from its Mumbai headquarters oversees operations throughout India. Assisting the auto-giant with these countrywide operations is its extensive dealership, sales, service, and spare parts network, comprising of quite 250 dealerships and over 3500 touchpoints in not but 195 Indian cities spanning 27 states and 4 Union Territories, which is the biggest network of its kind after those built by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai.

Other then those in India, Tata Motors also owns manufacturing and assembly units in Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, with additional R&D centres situated in South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Having established its presence on the global level that spans across 26 countries in 4 continents, this Indian car-brand enjoys particular dominance over the automobile markets of the Indian Subcontinent, involving India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Tata electric car

Tata Models in India:-

Presently operating in about 26 countries across 4 continents of the planet, Tata stands at the 18th position amongst the world's largest automobile manufacturers. But, India, being the homeland of the auto-giant, offers it with the most important customer base of all and gets to enjoy the widest model home in return. Covering many different segments like those of compacts, midsize cars, and utility vehicles, the current fleet of Tata cars in India has a pretty big lot of as many as 10 models to present to its customers. Models that are at present a part of this fleet are Tata Tiago, Tata Altroz, Tata Tigor, Tata Yodha Pickup, and Tata Nexon.

Tata Lowest Price Cars:-

The Indian auto market is one of the foremost rapidly growing markets on the earth today, which has driven car-manufacturers from everywhere the planet to undertake their luck here. But despite the Indian auto-industry being filled with national and international brand names, only a few marques are there that provide a variety as varied and as smartly assorted as the one that has been put together by Tata Motors. From the mass-volume hatchback segment thereto of luxury SUVs, Tata cars encompass several different categories, and hence several different price brackets too. At present, the least expensive Tata Motors car is the Tata Tiago, which comes tagged with an extremely affordable cost of ownership of just Rs 4,60,000.

Tata Highest Price Cars:-

Tata electric SUV

For quite 20 years now, Tata Motors in India has been a reputation closely related to quality, power, innovation, and trust. Building vehicles for the rapidly evolving India, the company has striven to bring nothing but the best in each one of its offerings, one of the best examples of which is the exhilarating Jaguar Land Rover range. Acquired by Tata Motors in 2008 from Ford Motor Company, the JLR has been a synonym for luxury, strength, power, and style in the world of cars. Cars like these, while, on the one hand, offer all that a buyer could ever ask for in their ride, on the other hand, tend to take away a considerable amount of their hard-earned money as well in return for their exceptional services. One such car belonging to the Tata clan is Tata Nexon EV, which is presently the foremost expensive Tata car in India because of its hefty tag of Rs 13,99,000.

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