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What makes Electric Cars More Safer?

The tech world is evolving at a higher rate than ever imagined. Due to mass manufacturing of electrical vehicles by many AUTOMOBILE GIANT companies such as TESLA, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, NISSAN and CHEVROLET, many electric vehicles are being replaced by gasoline vehicles as it promises the consumer’s safety of life as well as helps to preserve the environment thereby creating a transportation system ECO-FRIENDLY in nature.

Safer Electric Cars

Now the question arises among every consumer,
How does an electric car provide safety to life of a person? .So to ensure every individual and give them a proper understanding about the safety of electric vehicles, Many tests were conducted by Insurance Institute of highway safety (IIHS).

A vehicle can have different types of collisions:

1] Side impact collision
2] Front impact collision
3] Rear impact collision

The test conducted by IIHS gave a result stating that Tesla S MODEL is inherently not unsafe for the occupant. Since the Tesla S MODEL performed much better in those 3 tests (Side impact collision, Front-impact collision and Rear impact collision) than those gasoline vehicles.
In 2013 there was news of 3 car accidents on Tesla S model that got fire, But when the national highway traffic safety administration took an investigation on those accidents, They found that none of the occupants was seriously injured, Even after those cars hit the road debris. Only the electric battery got fire as the outer covering made of aluminium got bashed up by getting hit by the debris. Now instead of an electric car, if there was a gasoline car, the entire car would have gotten fire, due to the leaking of petrol after hitting the debris, and the occupant would have gotten seriously injured or even killed by that accident. Hence this is another proof that electric vehicles are much safer than gasoline vehicles.

Basically all-electric vehicles run on Li-ion batteries (lithium-ion batteries). The battery consists of liquid electrolytes which stores energy and can burst sometimes due to over-heating, Short circuits and exposure to unsuitable conditions in the environment. The bursting of a lithium battery can cause very less damage to the occupant, Most of the times even no damage. Since the vehicle catches fire only in the area surrounding the battery and can be easily extinguished using a fire extinguisher, While a gasoline vehicle might catch fire entirely due to the petrol leaked from the vehicle and also it takes much more efforts to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher. To fix this over-heating issues, JEFF DAHN made a design of the battery in such a way that there is a coolant place surrounding the battery having chilled liquid.

Can Electric Vehicles reduce accidents in India?

Safer Electric Cars

Electric vehicles should be promoted in India, As accidents happen in much a higher rate here according to statistical analysis. In 2015 India reported 0.8 traffic collision per 1000 and 11.32 fatality rate per Hundred thousand people while having a population of about 1.82 billion people and about 182 million vehicles approximately.
So If having an electric vehicle ensures safe transportation and also reduces the life loss occurred in those fatal accidents, Don’t you think that we should have it in India for a better future for yourself and also for the nation?.

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