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Triton Model H | 8 Seater Electric SUV with 1,126 KM Range

Triton Model H

Triton Solar, a New Jersey-based company showcased its huge 8-seater SUV for the first time. The SUV is not the only giant with huge sitting capacity but also packs a stunning 1,126 KM Range. This is the first time any electric vehicle has got so far in terms of size and travelling range. Let's see how does this vehicle manage to achieve this and what all features will it offer.

Triton Model H - The Premium Electric SUV

The Triton Model H seems to be a complete beast on-paper. It offers an all-wheel drive, which basically means that all the wheels have a separate electric motor powering them individually. Now another thing to note here is the acceleration. The company claims it can achieve a speed of 0 to 100 km/h within merely 2.9 sec which is absolutely mindblowing for an electric SUV of this size.

Triton Model H

Talking about the range we mentioned earlier, it is achieved by a massive 200 kWh battery which is unlike anything we've seen before. The highest battery capacity we have seen so far was on the Tesla Model S which was a 100 kWh battery which provides a maximum range of 628 Km.

Triton Model H

Moreover, this massive beast can carry huge/tow huge loads of up to 6,985 Kgs as claimed by the company. The interior and exterior of the vehicle also precisely gives you the feel of its luxury.

Coming to the pricing of this vehicle, there's nothing clearly mentioned but the pre-booking has started for around $5000 as a token amount which converts to around 3.82 lakh INR, and that's not enough. You'll have to pay another $135,000 i.e. 1.03 Cr. INR within the next week to confirm the booking. This vehicle is a direct competition to the Cadillac Escalade EV. Feel free to share your thoughts down below. That's all for this post "Triton Model H | 8 Seater Electric SUV with 1,126 KM Range".

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