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Mahindra eSupro Cargo Van | India's First Commercial Electric Van

          Mahindra is a quite famous brand in India when it comes to automobiles. They've been producing some great commercial as well as non-commercial vehicles. But this time we ain't talking about any normal commercial electric vehicle! We're talking about the Mahindra's eSupro which is India's first commercial electric vehicle that too launched from a well-known company and not by a startup. So let's have a look at the specifications and highlights along with the prices of the two variants of eSupro.

Mahindra eSupro Specifications

  • Battery:                  14.5 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery (75V 200Ah)
  • Motor Type:           25kW AC Motor 
  • Torque:                   90NM
  • Top Speed:             60 km/hr
  • Maximum Range: Passenger Variant- 110 km | Cargo Variant- 115 km
  • Charging Time:     8hrs 30min
Mahindra eSupro Price
  • eSupro Passenger Variant -   10,32,000 INR
  • eSupro Cargo Variant-           9,33,000  INR


          Well now that we've seen all the major specifications and the price for both the variants, let's discuss some highlights that could actually make it a perfect replacement for our current commercial vehicles. Starting with the most important factor which is the cost to operate. The vehicle only takes 90/- Rs. Per 100Km, which makes it the most cost-effective electric vehicle currently in India. Apart from the cost, if you're the one looking at the usability then, this vehicle has a load-carrying capacity of 600Kg which is again impressive enough to replace the traditional petrol rivals. The only downside in the vehicle is the warranty. Mahindra gives a warranty period of 2 years or 40,000 Km on the vehicle and 3 years or 40,000 km for the battery which is a little less and it could've offered a better deal. Apart from this, the electric van is just pretty good and has the right value to offer for your money. Feel free to share your thoughts down below!

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