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Tesla Cybertruck | Most Awaited Truck from Tesla Inc

The Most Awaited Tesla Cybertruck is here!

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally been launched by Tesla Inc. and it is super cool to be called as a truck! The design took the Internet by storm and it should because no one ever thought of a truck to look something like this one.
Although there are debates regarding the truck, one thing is quite clear that Elon Musk's idea of the future of electric mobility is beyond imaginations. The Cybertruck is one of its kind and over 300,000 people have already registered for it at a price of $100.
Now lets about the specs of the truck,


The truck's design has helped to achieve the lowest drag coefficient in this segment. The 'exoskeleton' of the truck is made from cold-rolled stainless steel which is difficult to stamp like other conventional car bodies. Its the same material used in SpaceX Starship. The truck is also to be equipped with Tesla Armor Glass which when demonstrated shattered at the launch event but nevertheless the company will solve the issue as the production starts late 2021.


The Cybertruck has 6 seater arrangement, 3 at the front where the middle seat can be folded and accompanies a cup holder & 3 seats at the back. At the top side of the rear door near the roof, lighting stripes are fitted that give the welcome feel to the passengers and look extremely futuristic. The 17 inch touchscreen display accounts all the information about the car and and is provided with complex tesla softwares necessary for the truck.

Wrapping Up

The Tesla Cybertruck offers a bunch of Futuristic features on an electric platform including the Autopilot Mode as a Standard Feature. The truck is available in three variants

  1. Single Motor RWD
  2. Dual Motor AWD
  3. Tri-Motor AWD
The ground clearance of up to 16" and the towing capacity from 7500 lbs up to 14000+ lbs is just amazing for an electric truck. The vault length offered is about 6.5ft which accompanies several storage options underneath the floor bed and the sides.
The range offered starts from 250+ miles for single motor RWD to 300+ miles for dual motor AWD and continues towards a remarkable 500+ miles for the tri-motor AWD version.

Hope we would see some more exciting announcements in the future!

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