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Sony Vision-S | Sony's Concept Electric Car

Sony, a renowned electronics brand has showcased their very first vehicle which is the SONY VISION-S, an electric car. Yes, you've got it right! Sony, a brand that has always been focused on consumer electronics, most popularly Camera's, Lenses, High-Resolution displays and so on has set its first step into the automobile industry. Exciting but challenging at the same time competing against motor giants like Tesla who've already penetrated their roots deep into the industry.

    What's Different?          

          So now let's talk about what we can expect from the Sony Vision-S. Sony says it has been focusing mainly on three aspects when it comes to this vehicle, i.e.

  • Safety
  • Entertainment 
  • Adaptability
Let's talk about them one by one!
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  • Safety
Sony Vision-s

          Sony has made a critical move when it comes to safety in this vehicle. They've taken safety to the next level by use of technology at its best. The four main highlights as far as safety is concerned are as below:

  1. Oval Sensing-  

  2. This car comes with a total of 33 automotive-grade sensors surrounding the vehicle which creates a cacoon like structure which Sony calls as Oval Sensing. These sensors are a combination of cameras, sony's CMOS sensors, radar's/ultrasonic sensors, Solid-State LiDAR to provide a 360 degree sensing around the car. 

  3. Driving Assistance- 

  4. Another safety feature for the users is the driving assist. All the sensors surrounding the vehicle continuously monitor the traffic conditions and provide you with easy driving assistance like an advanced cruise control which can maintain a particular distance between next vehicle and your vehicle, self-park, auto lane change, etc. This makes driving easier and much safer even reducing the stress on the driver. 

  5. Advanced Camera Monitoring System- 

  6. The Vision-S has advanced camera systems which automatically detect the vehicles and pedestrians before the driver and give alerts accordingly. This car doesn't have side mirrors instead has a set of cameras at both the sides which display the output on anti-glare display for the driver.

  7. Driver Monitoring- 

  8. The internal sensors will recognize drivers and co-passengers state of mind inside the vehicle using facial expressions and body movements. These sensors calculate your concentration and fatigue levels and will send you necessary alerts and even change cabin temperature and lighting accordingly. 

  • Entertainment
Sony Vision-S

          Seamless entertainment has become one of the luxurious needs of humankind. Sony has mainly introduced two things from the entertainment point of view. 
  1. 360 Reality Audio-

    The sound system encapsulates you from all the side giving you an incredibly immersive sound experience. They use an object-based spatial audio technology for this 360 sound experience. There are individual speakers placed at every seat using advanced audio technology.

      2. Panoramic Screen- 

          The panoramic display is introduced to the automobile industry for the first time in history.                  This will allow you to view your content and multimedia seamlessly and effortlessly without any disturbance.

  • Adaptability
Sony Vision-S
Source: Sony

          The Sony Vision-S comes with various features that help it adapt to future technology and keep itself updated. Three main highlights are as follows: 

  1. Vision-S Link-
This feature will help smart devices to connect easily with the car and help you to get multiple devices connected to the platform. This feature can help you get your smartphone's activity transferred to your car. For example, if you are listening to music and enter inside the car, it'll be automatically transferred to cars speakers.

     2. Personalized Cabin-

This car will automatically adapt to your preferred settings and remember them each time accordingly. If there's someone sleeping in the rear it will detect it and change the temperature automatically. It will learn with time allowing it to improve from the collected personal data.

    3. Updatable System-

This car is totally futureproofed, it just can't get older with time. It will always be improving with updates related to network, sensors, security, enhanced AI, and whatnot. So as technology is progressing you'll be seeing your car getting more and more better.


Now that we've seen all the features the car has to offer to the customers, let's have a look at the specifications that Sony has displayed for this amazing vehicle.

Source: Sony



Price And Availability

Well coming to the price, this is just a concept car whose price isn't revealed at the expo. CES is a platform which is meant to display innovations and concepts. So most of the technology and prototypes displayed there have a very thin chance that they'll actually come to the consumer market. But looking after the efforts Sony has made for this vehicle let's hope it's available to consumers in the near future.

For those of you who are really looking forward to this car, here's a bonus video!

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