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TVS iQube Launched in India | TVS sets it's first step in the Electric Industry

TVS has launched it's very first electric scooter in India with an On-Read price of 1.15 lakh rupees in Banglore. Wait you didn't see that coming, yea that's because of TVS was wise enough to keep everyone out of all the leaks and rumours. Another reason is everyone was so focused on TVS Creon, which was showcased some time ago that no one could think of TVS working on another electric scooter at the same time. Well anyways now that it has launched it in India, let's have a look at how it stands in the competition.

TVS iQube

Main Highlights

          The main highlights of this scooter are the features it offers in the instrumentation cluster. It has a ton of features to offer starting from the huge high-definition TFT screen. Riding this scooter and looking at the instrumentation cluster will certainly make you feel like riding a technologically advanced machine. The top features offered by the instrumentation cluster are Geofencing, Mobile Connectivity, Call alerts, Turn by Turn Navigation Assist, Live Riding Range Indication, and Park Assist and much more, the list is just never-ending. The display also comes with day and night mode to adapt according to the time of the day which truly enhances the riding experience.

          It has a built-in sim for connectivity, which helps for navigation assist as well as some other features. It comes with TVS smart connect integrated like we've seen in Ntorq and new Apache range bikes. One more practical feature is the reverse ride gear. This is a quite unique and handy feature when it comes to scooters. 

Specifications and Performance

TVS iQube

          TVS iQube seems to be a quite promising scooter when it comes to power. It comes with a 4.4 KW electric motor which offers a decent amount of power. The company claims that it can achieve a top speed of 78 kmph and a maximum range of 75 km on a full charge. There are mainly two driving modes in this scooter i.e. Economy and Power. The economy feature comes handy in cities, especially in Indian traffic situations. Your maximum speed is restricted to 45 kmph when riding in economy mode and it even gives you the maximum range, whereas the power mode is helpful if you're in a less traffic zone but again you'll have to compromise on the range which gets reduced as you ride in power mode.

          Now coming to the battery, this scooter has a Lithium-ion battery which gives a maximum range of 75 km as mentioned above in a single charge. The battery takes about 5 hrs to get fully charged. TVS claims that the scooter can attain a speed of 40 kmph in merely 4.2 seconds.

Build and Design

The overall build of the scooter seems very practical and well suited for the Indian consumer market. The design is quite subtle which looks like a droid from the front and back, to be honest, whereas it looks like TVS's most popular scooter Jupiter when we look from the side profile. The front has top mount LED DRL's(Daytime Running Lights's), and LED headlights and indicators and front as well as rear. The boot space is not too big but just sufficient to fit a smaller helmet and has a USB phone charger inbuilt. It has two holders at the front where you can put your baggage as all traditional scooters have. The key fob is also quite different from other scooters. There's a charging plug at the front to charge the scooter. The seats seem to be quite comfortable but any conclusions cannot be made just yet.

Price and Availability

TVS iQube will be available from Rs. 1.15 Lakh in Bangalore. At this price, the scooter is a direct competition to Bajaj Chetak aswell as Ather 450. You can book this scooter right now for Rs. 5000 at the website but it's only available at selected dealers. 

          TVS claims that they'll be producing this scooter at a rate of 1000 scooters per month which is great news for Indian consumers planning to get a hand on this one. 

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